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Friday, December 7, 2018

The Truth About George Bush

Unless you are one of his family members, it is ridiculous for you to mourn George Bush. Links to sources for all the claims made.


  1. "In short, I think it is clear from the cable that the United States did unwittingly give a green light to Saddam, and certainly no more than a barely flickering yellow light. Glaspie certainly didn’t make it clear to him what would happen if he used force against Kuwait. This is a case of policy failure but not deterrence failure, in short, because deterrence wasn’t tried in this case."

    1. Though I would hardly consider this unwitting.

      It's 1990.

      Hussein is one week away from a blitzkrieg of Kuwait.

      There is no possible way for him to prepare for something like this without it being obvious to the U.S. which has been closely watching and influencing Middle Eastern politics for four decades now, and to whom Saddam Hussein is directly accountable for his military actions as a close U.S. ally and client state in the region.

      That is an amazing statement: this is not deterrence failure because deterrence wasn't tried. Okay whatever, it was a policy failure. A catastrophic one. A failure that it is hard to interpret as anything but a deliberate failure. A failure by design. The fact that deterrence wasn't tried is either the SNAFU of the century, or an act of pure destructive malice.

    2. He could have prevented war and devastation with a word, but he gave Saddam Hussein, who was seeking U.S. approval for the invasion, a smile and a wink.

  2. Replies
    1. Bush sends an envoy to him one week before he invades to say: "We have no opinion on your Arab-Arab conflicts, such as your dispute with Kuwait," and reassure Hussein of continued American-Iraqi friendship.

      That's a push. Bush could have prevented any of it from even happening in the first place with just a word.

  3. We can read what Iraq was thinking first hand, in the words of their own government at the time.

    They reject this theory. They explicitly, specifically state that they knew the US would attack.


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