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Friday, December 21, 2018

The U.S. Endless War Machine Has Taken A Huge Hit Overnight

Barry Donegan
The Humble Libertarian

(THL) - Based on the reporting Trump is doing this in spite of all of his advisors, the entire military establishment, and probably nearly everyone in Washington DC, including the military industrial complex crying foul.

The timing of it being Christmas is obvious that he is trying to bury the news in terms of media reporters being off work for the holidays so that he can sell the withdrawal as a US war victory to his supporters on twitter.

Critics are going to say he's doing it for some abstract advantage to Russia because they have pee pee videos on him or he's got investments or whatever. Someone else will say it's because Ergodan in Turkey bullied him into it.

Politico recently noted that Rand Paul, who often singlehandedly blocks Trump on issues in the Senate, has been golfing with him and that they tend to agree on foreign policy and that he has begun to gain influence over Trump, which annoys his advisors.

It's worth noting Rand Paul's policy on Afghanistan and other middle east adventures is to declare victory and come home immediately, so as to welcome our troops back to a friendly environment while ending the conflict in victory rather than retreat. This is the strategy coincidentally that Trump is mimicking just as his advisors begin to quit the administration over his move to reduce the troops.

One way you can tell ending wars is nearly impossible is because a brilliant politician like Barack Obama couldn't pull it off despite the fact you know based on his ideology that he didn't support the wars in the first place. It's quite possible that the quality that Trump has absolutely no problem with offending every single person in his presence and being totally stubborn in his decisionmaking is one of those things that bites you in the ass much of the time but sometimes comes in very clutch if the decision he makes is contrary to that of the military industrial complex.

Could it be that Rand Paul finally got in his head and tapped into his instincts on ending the policeman of the world phase of US foreign policy? Could it be because he has some shady financial interest that will benefit him after he leaves office?

I don't care if it's because he has a blood pact with Satan himself. It's time to bring these troops home and end these wars. Half the troops in Afghanistan and all the troops in Syria is a good warm-up. No more "we broke it, we bought it" foreign policy.

Our policeman of the world strategies have largely wrought chaos and destabilization. Let's slam dunk it home by ending the CIA drone program in Yemen and Somalia, and bringing home the remaining troops in Afghanistan.

ISIS has lost its territory. Osama Bin Ladin is dead. We win World War III and nobody had to fire a nuke. Time to finish the job and bring every last troop home and have a parade for all the US soldiers safe at home and folks over there no longer caught in the crossfire of a contractor fueled conflict.

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