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Monday, December 24, 2018

Why I Admire Rand Paul

By: Wes Messamore
The Humble Libertarian

Rand Paul is one of the few people in a position as influential as his in the upper echelons of the federal government who sees what the U.S. is doing in places like Yemen and Pakistan as atrocities.

And even though he is decidedly in the minority in Washington with this point of view, changing the nation's mind about this and bringing the living nightmare to an end is his #1 priority.

He's admirably tireless in his constant, vocal advocacy for the basic human liberty not to be killed by a bomb dropped from a predator drone, and not to be starved to death before the age of ten in a famine caused in part by a U.S. military blockade.

And he is making a very credible case for this to people who are so badly brain addled by war propaganda, and who feel the enormous, positively cosmic levels of pressure from the MIC to keep the infernal bloodfeast going.

I'm so impressed by how competent at statecraft and politics he is. Libertarians are solid on principles and morals, but it is rare to find someone who has libertarian priorities in order (i.e. #1 priority–– is our government killing a bunch of random ppl? Jesus Christ, let's address that first and foremost), who is also good at politics.

Many libertarians almost resist it.

And I completely understand the reason why:

Because getting good at politics invites in its corrupting influences and inevitably leads to compromises, and pulls hard at you to compromise your integrity. Paul does a very admirable job of leaning deep into that problem.

The sad thing is Rand Paul’s really not doing anything that great. He’s just being sensible, reasonable, and decent.

He’s not that heroic. The rest of Congress is just that corrupt. And he hasn't sunk to their level, least of all for something as stupid and fake as partisan politics.

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