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Friday, December 14, 2018

YouTube’s 2018 "Rewind" Is Now The Most Disliked Video in History

By: Charlie Nash

YouTube’s 2018 “Rewind” video has become the most disliked video on the platform in history, surpassing Justin Bieber’s “Baby” music video in just one week.

Every year, YouTube publishes a Rewind video to summarize the highlights of videos and their creators on the platform over the past year.

This year, however, after growing animosity from YouTube content creators towards the Google-owned company, users could not contain their frustration after the annual Rewind video featured Hollywood and television stars, such as Will Smith, John Oliver, and Trevor Noah, and Ninja, the star of a rival video-streaming platform, over some of YouTube’s most popular stars, including KSI and PewDiePie.

Read more at Breitbart.

h3h3 productions' Ethan Klein breaks down why:

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