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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

A U.S. Army Member From Texas Makes The Proposition: "In general, conspiracy theories are detrimental to the Libertarian movement."

(THL) Not detrimental. They are fun and it's okay to have fun. They're fun because they posit something that is possibly true however fantastic and improbable it may be.

And some conspiracy theorists have an answer for any possible evidence or argument that the conspiracy theory isn't true, so that for them, the conspiracy theory is unfalsifiable. There are no possible conditions that would satisfy them that the theory is false.

It's a fun thought exercise for the person playing the conspiracy theorist, and for the person punching holes in their theory.

(U.S. Army Soldier) It’s horrible PR, which is a problem in our movement as it is.

I think we should talk about conspiracy theories more.

I think we should know all about the most popular ones. Be able to tell them in a very compelling and entertaining way.

Get people's attention that way. Be what they want us to be. Assume the stereotype and be good at it.

Then have a good laugh about it. Joke's on them.

Then start talking about all the conspiracy theories that have been started and embraced by establishment politicians and their supporters in the media.

Look at the obsession that Trump supporters have with conspiracy theories like the QAnon stuff. And look at the obsession Hillary supporters still have with conspiracy theories about Russia stealing the election from their queen.

So don't tell me libertarians are a den of conspiracy theorists.

It's the people that elect these mainstream two major parties' presidents that are the freak show.

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