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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Can A Divided Congress Bring Us Smaller Government?

By: Corie Whalen
Arc Digital

January 3, 2019, marked the start of the 116th U.S. Congress.

Democrats — led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi 2.0 — now control the House of Representatives for the first time since they lost it in the Tea Party wave of 2010; those halcyon days when Republicans campaigned on reducing the size of government and actually made an attempt at following through on it.

Not shockingly to those who follow politics, however, rhetoric and reality on the small government front rarely match up, and Republicans have proven that adage true in spectacular fashion during the last two years of unified party control. In fact, the national debt has increased by an eye-popping $1.9 trillion since Trump took office.

Considering the fact that the last time Congress even attempted to reduce the rate of spending growth was back in 2011 — after the House switched hands but the same party controlled the Senate and the White House — can we hope for a similar result now?

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