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Monday, January 14, 2019

Gillette Boycott Imminent: #MeToo Gillette Ad "We Believe" Makes A Bid For The Virtue Signal Dollar

By: Wes Messamore and Aaron R. Jones
The Humble Libertarian

Don't be fooled by his cute looks.

This little man cub ain't old enough to shave yet, but lurking inside him is a bully just waiting to get out and start abusing women.

And hold up, did this ad just say: "The boys of today will be the men of tomorrow," at the end there?

Hello? That's transphobic.

Has Gillette even heard of Caitlyn Jenner?

Should have ended with: "Because the boys of today will become the women of tomorrow." lol

Clearly in this sad attempt to show how woke they are, Gillette has just proven once again that they are definitely not woke.

Lol all joking aside–– this new Gillette commercial spot pegged to the #MeToo movement asks:

"Is this the best a man can get?"

(Hat tip: Alexandra Bruell, The Wall Street Journal)
Via: Memeorandum

Well no, obviously not if by "this" you mean bullying or hurting women. Obviously men can get much, much better than that and most of them do. But you'll never see a bunch of women getting together to throw a march to say thank you once in a while.

And now Proctor and Gamble, the parent company of Gillette, in a move that is absolutely insane, is making a bid for the male guilt virtue signal dollar. 😄

Identity politics is getting stupider and stupider every day.

Now this soap utility company is telling you they want you to take a moment every time you shave your beard and think about all the bad things men have done.

You can't just shave now without it being a moment of silence for some victim. When a society's currency becomes victimhood it is on a short road to hell.

And seeing a major corporation tell you that's what it thinks about you with an advertisement like this should be a real gut check for American men right now.

This is not the time to be bearing the burden of other people's sins nor is it the time to be putting on the yoke of class guilt. Now is a time for being free.

Now is a time for individual liberty and responsibility, not for disappearing into a checklist of demographic criteria. You are not a census bureau form.

Don't let these sonsofbitches at Proctor and Gamble tell you that's what you amount to. They're wrong!

These are the sick people who cooked up that Tide Pod challenge on social media last year.

You think the kids came up with that?

No, it was some big P&G marketing executives sitting in a boardroom somewhere talking to each other and deciding that it's not enough that Americans buy way more Tide than any other brand and pay way more for it even though it's all the same stuff (making Tide a classic case study in prestige pricing).

"No that's not enough for us. We're going to make their kids eat it."

And now P&G is trying to profit from identity politics and virtue signaling. But it's already backfiring:

Now don't forget Nike took a big hit to its stock price after running the Colin Kaepernick ad, but then rebounded and made gains in a short amount of time, so we need to keep the pressure on and #BoycottGillette.

Gillette you should have just stuck to the product features and benefits, or made us laugh.

Truth is a lot of people are violent and it's not a problem with one sex or gender or another. Good thing is people are becoming less violent and we live in the least violent time in human history. People pass down less and less trauma and more and more love and understanding and care with each new generation.

We are not just going to stand around being sad all the time that we're men and that some men have done bad things. Those of us who haven't hurt anybody are not going to take on any class guilt.

I'd rather stop shaving altogether than look in the mirror every day and hate on myself for being a man when I could be thinking about all the great things men have done and how I will do great things too.

Let's #BoycottGillette

And I would like to endorse a product by Unilever, one of Proctor and Gamble's biggest competitors, a Unilever product that's near and dear to my libertarian heart (because I sprayed some on my chest today):

Now some people will say Axe is lame or cheesy, but those people are wrong. Axe is some very nice smelling aerosol perfume and they have amazing advertising that isn't sexist, or lame enough to pander to a political movement of identity-based grievance.

Now watch this ad and click my affiliate link above and get yourself a can of Axe body spray:

Stuff is powerful and their advertising is too.

Have some friends over sometime and give 'em a spritz of Axe and watch what happens.

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