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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Texas Republicans Will Vote on Whether to Remove Muslim-American From GOP Position Because of His Religion

By: Nicole Goodkind

As the House of Representatives welcomes its first two Muslim congresswomen, Texas Republicans will vote on Thursday over whether to remove Tarrant County Republican Party vice-chair Shahid Shafi from his seat because he identifies as a Muslim-American.

The vote comes after some members of the county party put forth a motion to remove Shafi, a Republican trauma surgeon and Southlake City councilman, from his position due to his Islamic beliefs.

Dorrie O’Brien, a precinct chair, expressed fear that Shafi would uphold Islamic law over the U.S. constitution and that he might be related “to Islamic terror groups.”

“We don’t think he’s suitable as a practicing Muslim to be vice chair because he’d be the representative for ALL Republicans in Tarrant County, and not ALL Republicans in Tarrant County think Islam is safe or acceptable in the U.S., in Tarrant County, and in the TCGOP," O'Brien wrote on Facebook.

"There are big questions surrounding exactly where Dr. Shafi’s loyalties lie, vis a vis Democrat and Republican policies.”

Another precinct chair, James Scott Trimm, wrote that he would vote against Shafi, “because I don't believe he shares the ideology of our party platform. Shafi wants to be Vice Chair because he doesn't believe ideology matters!”

Read more at Newsweek.

(THL) NOOoooooOOOooo, Texas Republicans! What's the matter with you? Why do you want to alienate so many people from your party? Come on, Muslims are more conservative than you. You want them in your party bro! Stop trying to kick every body out of your party. Are you insane?

Wallitarians are saying we can't let in immigrants because it's a Democratic strategy to boost the number of people voting for them in elections to U.S. public offices.

But maybe if it turns out that way it's Republicans' own fault for supporting a big federal government program of actively antagonizing and relentlessly harassing and mistreating so many people?

But really I don't know why they would vote Democrat either, because Democrats have been just as big a sonofabitch to immigrants as Republicans have:

Obama Has Deported More People Than Any Other President

Did Bill Clinton Sound Like Trump in 1995?

Did Dianne Feinstein Sound Like Trump in 1995?

Well anyway I'll tell you how this story turns out:

'A bid to remove a Texas county GOP leader from his post because he is Muslim has been rejected. The Tarrant County Republican Party voted on Thursday to keep Dr. Shahid Shafi in his post as vice chairman, according to the Star-Telegram.

In a video posted on the Star-Telegram's website, Mike Snyder of the Tarrant County Republican Party announced, "the vote total was 139 to support Dr. Shafi and only 49 to reject him."

Snyder went on to say, "tonight's vote demonstrates the majority of Republicans in Tarrant County stands with Dr. Shahid Shafi. And on the firm foundation of religious freedom memorialized in the Declaration of Independence."'

Following the vote, Shafi said, "our union is a little more perfect today. And it's time for us to put those divisions to rest."

GOP chairman: "I'm standing by him"

Regardless, 49 voted to kick him out?

If I were Shahid Shafi or a member of the Republican Party of Texas––

Right about now I would be looking into the Libertarian Party of Texas.

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