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Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Humble Libertarian Flag Poll

Ongoing poll.

I'm tracking purchases.

A purchase is a vote:

DONT TREAD ON ME Gadsden Flag 3x5'

(Votes: 3)

DONT TREAD ON ME First Navy Jack Flag 3x5'

(Votes: 0)

Betsy Ross Flag 3x5'

(Votes: 0)

COME AND TAKE IT Gonzales Flag 3x5'

(Votes: 0)

Jolly Roger Flag 3x5'

(Votes: 1)

US Flag 3x5'

(Votes: 0)

UK Flag 3x5'

(Votes: 1)

Canadian Flag 3x5'

(Votes: 0)

Black Flag

(Votes: 2)

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