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Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Shutdown Is The Perfect Time To Finally Abolish The TSA

By: Dylan Housman
The Federalist

Our current government shutdown has no end in sight, with both sides dug into positions their respective bases won’t let them abandon. As this game of chicken drags further on, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has gotten more attention than usual.

TSA workers have started calling in sick, slowing down airport lines, and even prompting some terminals to be closed in major cities. While some pundits have pontificated on the chance that a TSA strike could end the shutdown, hardly anyone else is asking a far more interesting question: Do we even need the TSA at all?

After all, complaining about the borderline sexual harassment we all have to go through to travel is a pastime for Americans of all stripes. The proposal gets more serious, though, when one examines the “success” rates of the TSA as well as its costs. Study after study has shown the TSA to be utterly incompetent and incapable of protecting travelers.

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