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Thursday, January 17, 2019

White Comic Banned from Comedy Nights Due to ‘Cultural Appropriation’ Dreadlocks

Chris Tomlinson

White comedian Zach Poitras was banned from participating in comedy events in Montreal, Canada, after organisers claimed his dreadlock hairstyle was inappropriate.

Poitras was originally supposed to appear at two comedy nights taking place at the Coop Les Récoltes bar, located in Montreal’s famous Quartier Latin area, but was rejected by the organisers, who wrote on Facebook that his dreadlock hairstyle violated their discrimination rules, Montreal newspaper Le Devoir reports.

“We will not tolerate any discrimination or harassment within our spaces,” the organisers wrote, and added that cultural appropriation, in their view, was when “someone from a dominant culture appropriates symbols, clothing or hairstyles that come from historically dominated cultures.”

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(THL) Identity politics just keeps getting stupider and stupider.

I think white people should go to the nearest black barbershop and stage a sit in demanding to be given dread locks and not be discriminated against because of the color of their skin.