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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Why A “Right” to Health Care Is A Moral Travesty

By: Jon Hersey
The Objective Standard

We face a health-care crisis in America.

Costs are astronomical—and rising—while, in significant respects, quality of care is declining.

We’re told that the health-care entitlement programs created decades ago were necessary to make care affordable.

Yet, despite continued expansions of these programs, health care has never been more expensive.

Nonetheless, proponents of such entitlements advise that we follow Canada, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and others into the brave new world of “universal health care.”

Many commentators have pointed out the practical failings of such programs. The all-you-can-use buffet of “universal health care” has led to a dearth of quality and affordable care, rendering the very meaning of the phrase absurd.

Imagine, for instance, you’ve just found out that you have cancer. Naturally, you want to start treatment immediately.

However, the doctor tells you it will be nearly a month before you can start, which is the current average wait time to begin cancer treatment in Canada.

Is this the health care we want in America?

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