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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Excuse Me Gov. Northam, But What the Hell is Going on in Virginia?

By: Wes Messamore

Photo: Lee District Democratic Committee

The Commonwealth of Virginia is engulfed in scandal, and it’s even more bizarre because it’s so many different scandals all concentrated at the same point.

The date rape accusations against Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax top off a week and a half of Virginia’s top politicians making shocking headlines.

There have been so many different and unrelated scandals in rapid succession that each one gets lost in the shock waves caused by the next. And they just keep hitting.

Somehow three different major controversial triggering hot button topics in American politics all converged on the same white-hot flashpoint of Richmond, Virginia in the span of one week, embroiling the highest ranking government officials of Virginia in national controversy.

1) Third trimester abortion

2) A literal Ku Klux Klan hood found in the governor’s proverbial closet (along with blackface in a college yearbook edited by Virginia’s Senate Majority Leader)

3) and two years-late sexual assault allegations against the lieutenant governor from 2000 and 2004.

Virginia’s Groundhog Day Loop From Hell

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