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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Waco: The Rules of Engagement - Watch Online

Warning: The following documentary is graphic and disturbing.

Tomorrow is the 26th anniversary of the Waco Massacre.

I really think you should see this documentary, Waco: The Rules of Engagement, a very sobering look at one of the most flagrantly horrific and irrational crimes Washington has committed against the American people, and at how the federal police at DOJ, FBI, and ATF were able to cover up their actions and get away with their crimes. Here's a summary:

April 19, 1993 marks the worst police action in modern American history. Here are the main things to know:

  • 76 people, including 27 children, died that day. That loss of life is a sufficient explanation as to why this incident is important and worth remembering.

  • The federal police operation did not involve a handful of “rogue” agents. The incident is disturbing because it supposedly involved the best units of the ATF and the FBI. And much of the decision-making was done by the top people at headquarters facilities in Washington, DC.

  • Make no mistake, crimes were committed by federal agents at Waco. And those crimes were covered-up.

  • If the feds can successfully cover-up the worst police action in modern American history–an event that was highly publicized and that eventually brought extensive congressional hearings and the appointment of a special prosecutor– it is frightening to consider what police agencies would be able to get away in instances where there is no media scrutiny or legislative oversight.'

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