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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Dr. Jordan Peterson Explains the Meaning of Life for Men

Jordan Peterson

"Women know what they have to do. Men have to figure out what they have to do. And if they have nothing worth living for, they stay Peter Pan. And why the hell not?

Because the alternative to valued responsibility is impulsive low class pleasure. And you saw that in the Pinocchio story.

Right? That's pleasure island. Like why lift a load if there's nothing in it for you?

That's another thing we're doing to men that's a very bad idea. And to boys. It's like: "You're pathological and oppressive."

It's like: "Fine then. Why the hell am I going to play? If that's the situation. If I get no credit for bearing responsibility you can bloody well be sure that I'm not going to bear any."

But then you know your life is useless and meaningless. And you're full of self-contempt and nihilism. And that's not good.

And that's what I think is going on at a deeper level with regards to men needing this direction. A man has to decide that he's going to do something. He has to decide that."

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