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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Joe Rogan Experience #1295 - Tulsi Gabbard

Joe Rogan

Tulsi Gabbard is a 2020 Presidential Candidate of the Democratic Party and is currently serving as the U.S. Representative for Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district since 2013.


Tulsi does very well in the long format interview. Much better I think than she does on mainstream media.

Because she's a thoughtful person with an intelligent, nuanced point of view, not just a politician who happens to be good at the traditional media's artificial and contrived format, corrupted as it is by the compromises television production has to make with the inherent technical limitations of the medium, as well as the decadent and pernicious willingness of the traditional American media to restrict its format in ways that are favorable to propaganda of every kind, rather than understanding.


This by the way is why Glenn Beck's prime time cable news programs on CNN Headline News and Fox News were so popular. He took deep dives into topics and reckoned with more of the information on a given topic than most cable news talking heads. His massive ratings boom was a testament to the fact that audiences are smarter than traditional television thought they were. They have a longer attention span and they are worn out by news shows that skip around topics and cover each just long enough to bring out the propaganda talking points.


Now was Glenn Beck's program free of propaganda? Of course not. And today it seems on his newspaper and podcast that he's embraced more of the GOP party propaganda, probably for the consistent, never ending, easy ratings bonanza partisan propagandizing can be for someone in Beck's position of political notoriety. He should have remained more independent though.


Tulsi Gabbard's level of integrity to principles above party sets her apart from the rest of the Democratic field. This was her second interview on the Joe Rogan Podcast, and comparing the two, one can see the campaign trail has made her even sharper and more eloquent than she was before officially joining the race. She'll likely shine on the debate stage and attract a degree of notoriety that is out sized for a U.S. representative running for president.

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