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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Libertarian 2020 Candidates Tier List

By: Wes Messamore
The Humble Libertarian

John McAfee 2020 - S Tier

John McAfee is S tier for sure. If anyone's got what it takes to really bring it to Trump in 2020, it's definitely Joe Bi-- hahahahahahaha-- no it's definitely John McAfee.

If John could reach the 10% minimum polling requirement to get on the presidential debate state with Donald Trump and For War (D) 2020, his stage presence would make quite an impression on the viewing American public. It would be a worthy goal of the Libertarian Party to put McAfee up there next to Trump in 2020.

Adam Kokesh - S Tier

What the hell is anybody going to say to Adam Kokesh for opposing the perpetual war of the Washington foreign policy establishment? That he's a coward? A peacenik? That he isn't patriotic enough? That he doesn't support America enough?

He served bro.

Adam Kokesh speaks from experience when he talks about the sacrifices Washington politicians are asking America's soldiers to make to protect narrowly guarded special interests' profits and politicians' glory, not to protect the American people and their domestic tranquility and provide for the common defense.

His platform is one of the most radical among even Libertarian Party candidates, but it's sophisticated, articulate, and Adam pulls it off well as the spokesperson for his platform. Kokesh wants to abolish the federal government. Most of it is unconstitutional anyways. By sheer dollar amounts in each unconstitutional department and agency's budget it's undoubtedly so.

Gary Johnson 2020 - A Tier

The Libertarian Party's 2020 and 2016 standard bearer was the most successful, articulate, best candidate the nation's party of principle has ever had. He also won far more votes than any LP presidential candidate ever has.

The two term Republican governor of New Mexico was already burnt out on politics after 2016, and said he'd be retiring, but was tapped at the last minute to run for the LP in New Mexico's 2018 Senate race.

Despite his popularity and name recognition in New Mexico, the last minute bid against a young and popular sitting Democratic Senator in the deeply blue state of New Mexico was a quixotic errand. It was notable for the interesting and bold cross party endorsement Rand Paul made for Gary Johnson in the race. A safe enough move given the Republican had no chance of winning, but still pretty cool for Paul to do.

Probably good to give someone else a chance at this point, but if Gary Johnson did throw his hat in the race for the 2020 Libertarian Party nomination, he would be a formidable candidate. The country will likely be more ready for his message than ever as well, and I predict if he runs and wins the Libertarian Party nomination his voter take will be comparable to 2016.

Larry Sharpe 2020 - B Tier

Larry Sharpe is an entrepreneur and political activist who narrowly lost the LP's 2016 vice presidential nomination to former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld. His historical 2018 run for governor of New York received enough votes to secure the Libertarian Party statewide ballot access in New York for 2020. That will save the party a ton of time and resources that can go directly to campaigning and getting out the message and the vote. Going into 2020 Larry Sharpe has strong prospects should he pursue the LP presidential nomination.

Kim Ruff 2020 - C Tier

I only heard of Kim Ruff for the first time on Wikipedia's article for the 2020 Libertarian Party presidential primary. I watched one of her interviews and she seems very intelligent and likeable, but doesn't have a lot of name recognition steam going for her this time around.

Vermin Supreme 2020 - D Tier

The New Hampshire presidential candidate who promises everyone will get a phony when he becomes president may seek the Libertarian Party nomination in 2020. Vermin Supreme's pony push polling survey by Bloomenkraft and conducted earlier this year portends a serious fight for the Oval Office in 2020. Still since he's supporting big government pony socialism I'm going to have to give Vermin Supreme a D Tier ranking for the 2020 Libertarian Party presidential primary.

Arvin Vohra - E Tier

The former Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party, who was removed for making a number of shockingly stupid and seemingly pathologically self-defeating comments, is still pursuing the Party of Principle's nomination. We'll give him an E for Effort.

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