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Monday, May 20, 2019

"The Housing Bubble" Trailer

Jimmy Morrison

The world premiere of The Housing Bubble earned an Audience Award at the Anthem Film Festival when over 300 people showed up for the screening. Legendary investors Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, Doug Casey, and Peter Schiff star in the film alongside economists Joseph Salerno, Ron Paul, Robert Murphy, Jeff Herbener, Mark Thornton, Roger Garrison, and Patrick Barron. Financial writers Jim Grant, David Stockman, and Gene Epstein also join the cast. David Tice is an Executive Producer. Naomi Brockwell narrates the film and is also a producer. Tom Woods co-wrote the film with me.

The Housing Bubble will be released June 26th during our NYC premiere at the Angelika Film Center, the legendary indie theater that has hosted Oscar winning directors Sofia Coppola, Casey Affleck, & Barry Jenkins, as well as actors like Rami Malek, Sam Elliott, & Tom Hiddleston. Our panel will include Tom Woods, Jim Grant, Peter Schiff, Gene Epstein, David Tice, and myself. Despite not yet being released, the film has been seen in 37 states and 19 countries, including events at Hillsdale College, Mises Canada, Mises Poland, Mises Estonia, the Lithuanian Free Market Institute, Freedom Fest, Mises University, Anarchapulco, and the Mercatus Center.

Tickets to the NYC Premier and worldwide release.