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Sunday, June 2, 2019

30 Reasons Why I'm Conservative

By: Wes Messamore
The Humble Libertarian

Image: Full Metal Jacki

#WhyI'mConservative is trending on Twitter.

Here are 30 reasons why I'm conservative:

1. Better memes.

why i'm conservative - the left can't meme

2. Because these days the left has all the characteristics formerly attributed to conservatives–– they're more stuffy, puritanical, intolerant, and more terrified that someone somewhere might be having some fun.

3. Because no matter how bad things are, you can always count on the government to make them worse.

4. Because:

"Capitalism is the only way, Leslie. It’s what moves our country forward. It’s what makes America great, and England okay, and France terrible." -Ron Swanson

5. Because these brilliant lights made the best thing anyone has ever made, and I would like to keep it:

6. Because:

"Facts don't care about your feelings." -Ben Shapiro

7. Because:

"You can evade reality, but you cannot evade the consequences of evading reality." -Ayn Rand

8. Because all the whining, complaining, and virtue signaling is wearing on my nerves.

9. Because leftist compassion is a pose. The animus of the left is spiteful, hateful, bitter, petty, and nasty.

10. Because the left marches in lockstep and cloisters in its echo chambers. You can predict exactly what they're going to say. Conservatives have more ideological diversity and interesting disagreements among themselves. They're more individual and genuine.

11. Because I'm not afraid of the disapproval of my liberal friends or co-workers. I'm not afraid to question the mainstream media and culture. I'm not afraid to be an individual and stand up for my beliefs.

12. Because I honor the wisdom of our brilliant and courageous ancestors who had to struggle through conditions unfathomably bleak for us to enjoy the blessings we have today. Just an ounce of their spirit will carry us through modernity's "problems."

13. Because I believe in God.

14. Because without my ancestors I am nothing.

15. Because socialism left 100 million dead in 100 years.

16. Because:

"The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design." -Friedrich Hayek

17. Because conservatives have always been nicer to me than liberals.

18. Because conservatives have that twinkle in their eye, where leftists have a sneer.

19. Because I haven't lost faith in men and fathers.

20. Because I'm over the age of 30 and I have a brain.

21. Because:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

22. Because I believe individuals should take on personal responsibility, families should stay together, neighbors should look out for each other, businesses should keep their profits, and nations should keep the government out of all of this.

23. Because leftists would throw the baby out with the bath water.

24. Because I think artists, engineers, and business people are leading all the progress today, while politicians are –– at best –– just getting in the way.

25. Because I've seen too many leftists in designer clothes with name brand everything always sipping on an $8 green mermaid branded sugary coffee who want to take more money out of my paycheck to give to the poor. Reach into your own pockets if you really care.

26. Because I get the feeling liberals just want to pull the entire system down. And that's crazy because it's far from perfect, but things have never been this good.

27. Because I admire ability and hard work.

28. Because conservatism is a house built on a rock and liberalism is a house built on sand.

29. Because I want to honor my father and mother.

30. Because if I had to be stuck on an island or in the jungle in the middle of nowhere with 10 liberals or 10 conservatives, I'd pick the conservatives, and even if you're liberal, you know if it got that real, you would too.