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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Good Wins: Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life

Gary Vaynerchuk

"If you're unhappy it's because you're spending too much time with unhappy people. And by the way, sometimes you're the unhappy person. And that person ends up lonely.

Every time. Always. The end. And I love that. I love that bad people end up lonely. Even people that are close to me. I love it. I think it's right. It's how life should be. It's merit. It plays out.

Bad can only win for a certain period of time. I genuinely believe that. It's proven. Otherwise humans wouldn't be here. I love how people are not smart. Guys, if bad wins, it would have been over a long time ago. Hitler would have won. Genghis Khan would have won. The ebola would have wiped us out. Bombs would have been dropped. We've had atomic bombs for 70 years. We had the ability to wipe out the world for 70 years. Why hasn't it happened?

It's what pisses me off about terrorism. I hate the American propaganda of terrorism that everyone buys into. If terrorism was real the way that it's sold, every day in London, Paris, and New York, people would take a van and drive into Times Square, and around Buckingham Palace, and kill 30 people. You can't stop it.

My mom is here. The London train was searched for security. They keep checking our passports. She doesn't travel light. She says to me, 'Oh I like this. I like it.' I was laughing. I'm like, 'Mom, they're not saving you. Nobody's stopping anything. What's saving you is there's just not that much bad.'"