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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Tucker Carlson Thinks Libertarians Run The Economy. That's News to Ron Paul

By: Jack Hunter
The Washington Examiner

Tucker Carlson said in 2008 as the host of a major Ron Paul presidential campaign event, "I voted for Ron Paul in 1988 when I was in college." Carlson was referring to Paul’s bid for president over three decades ago as the nominee of the Libertarian Party. “I voted for Ron Paul for a bunch of different reasons. One, I grew up in a libertarian family … I grew up around libertarianism.”

“I believe Ron Paul’s ideas are important,” Carlson said that night. “I believe Ron Paul’s personal example is inspiring, and I think the country benefits from listening to Ron Paul.”

Eleven years later, Carlson apparently has a different view of libertarianism.

“In Washington, almost nobody speaks for the majority of voters,” Carlson said Wednesday night on his top-rated Fox News program, portraying the conventional Republican as a “libertarian zealot controlled by the banks, yammering on about entrepreneurship and how we need to cut entitlements." (As the Washington Examiner’s Tiana Lowe notes, who, exactly, are these Republicans willing to slash entitlements?)

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